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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skylight Stars

Finished Quilt

This Quilt is called Skylight Stars by Joined at the Hip. A couple weeks ago I finally got to putting the binding on after leaving it for many months. But now it is done! I worked constantly on it to finish and I hope you like it!

From Not-Finished To FINISHED!!


Not Quilted

Quilting! (Done by myself)
Over the last few days I have finally been quilting my Jelly Roll quilt. I actually pieced it a long time ago but only now have I quilted it. I finally finished and now it is ready to stitch the binding on! I'm very excited about this quilt because it was soooo fun to make and even more fun to Quilt!!

My First Quilt

Now, this is the first quilt I have finished. It was designed and made by me. I am very happy with the work I have done and hope you enjoy it too! I finished it quite long ago, but with some help from my Mom and Grandma, we were able to finish it!